Our completed projects allows us to position ourselves as experts in the Sales and Marketing Industry.

Sales & Marketing of textile products such as Lace and Traditional Wears Learn More
Our Specialized Market also sell cosmetics jewelries. Learn More


Omobams International  – Sales & Marketing is more than a consulting company.

We offer consulting services to individual clients and companies in the process of Textile Products such as Lace and Traditional Wears. We also sell Cosmetics Jewelries.


We Are Professional, Competitive And Competent In Our Service


If you’re marketing or selling a new product , you want people to know about it and you want them to buy it. If your product is already on the market, you want more people to buy it. We make it our business to generate more sales for our clients. We make it happen with tested solutions tailored for your product and your brand.


Our ability to create and maintain solid relationships in our specialize mass merchandising markets through the years is what earned us our reputation as a trusted agency. Whether you’re looking for retail services, marketing services, sales management or all of the above, we would love to share our knowledge and help you grow.

Our Specialty Markets

What we do

Sales & Marketing Techniques
Innovation is the driving force of growth, but many new product ideas fail in the marketplace, leaving a trail of wasted time and resources. That's where we intervene.

We make a difference
We are a sales driven organization and we nurture relationships with our clients. Most of all, we are a team of dedicated professionals who always push to get our clients where they want to go


OMOBAMS assist in buying and selling of textile products and Jewelries. We do not sell certificates and we buy and sell based on pricing on current LIVE market conditions.

There are no minimums for buying or selling while inside a OMOBAMS branch. With LIVE pricing, the market will determine what prices will be used.