About Us

At Omobams International Limited we are renown for our professionalism and high quality service In Sales and marketing. It is our stated purpose to provide a professional sales and  approach of the highest standard, with a dynamic sales and merchandising team.

Omobams International knows that your business engine won’t run as smoothly and effectively without regular Sales & Marketing maintenance. Through our history of servicing some of the largest and oldest mining companies , we have gained invaluable knowledge in telecommunications systems, infrastructure, site development, and efficient alluvial mining processes.


MISSION AND VALUE: Is to maintain a Standard of Excellence as a Sales and Marketing Agency within the industry by providing solutions that exceed both our Vendor Partners’ expectations and our Mutual Customers’ needs.

Help our customers and principals get size-able yearly increase through better sales and marketing strategies.  We not only value experience, relationships and professionalism, but we actively enforce them in our daily practice for the benefit of all our clients.

Our promise is to take your business from the starting point, to the finish line – ahead of your competitors. We not only provide Sales & Marketing, but also the buffing techniques to optimize your brand.