Specialized Markets


We wouldn’t call ourselves serious if we weren’t monitoring our efforts. Building sales is a daily business and we keep our eye on the ball at all times to make sure our actions are generating the momentum you expect. We are committed to your progress and we put our commitment to the test through a series of evaluation processes.

Our Sales and Marketing Market

Gold Dust, Bars and Nuggets

At Omobams, we can identify real Gold nuggets, flakes and dust and with our researches and experience. Most raw gold is in the range of eighteen karat (18K) or 750 parts per 1000. This opinion is based on the refining reports.

Security Services

Omobams Security Services is a multi-serviced based security provider, specialised in Safe Keeping and Vault Services across an array of industry sectors.

Omobams Security Services enjoys a reputation for delivering superior quality security products and personalized service to the financial industry making us the first choice for leading banks and credit unions around the world.


Before you get your product out there, you want make sure you are targeting the right consumers and that your product meets their needs. Through the years, we have developed a strong understanding of consumer, and we can assist you in tailoring your offer to generate sales.

  • Market and price surveys
  • Brand development
  • Product placement and positioning
  • Market data and analysis
  • Labeling and packaging expertise
  • Bilingual assistance