Security Services

Omobams Protective Security Services is a multi-serviced based security provider, specialized in Safe Keeping and Vault Services across an array of industry sectors.

Omobams Security Services enjoys a reputation for delivering superior quality security products and personalized service to the financial industry making us the first choice for leading banks and credit unions around the world.

Omobams Protective Security Services prides itself on providing a tailored security service. Thoroughly understanding the needs, the unique business model and the independent operations of each of our valued clients.


Mitigating our clients risk and securing their business, is our business.

Our Safe Keeping and Vault Security Services experience enables clients to focus on core business, “without distraction.”

Our Value

  • Safety: Caring for the safety, health, and wellbeing of others.
  • Innovation: Challenging the status quo to create more effective ways of working.
  • Integrity: To always act with respect, honesty, fairness, and care.
  • Service: Create a memorable experience.
  • Purpose: Begin with the end in mind.